Childcare Daycare Preschool Insurance FAQs

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Q: Why do I need to be insured? – P.Z. Chicago, Ill.

A: You, the provider, are held to a higher standard than the parents of the children in a court of law. As the adult professional, you are responsible for everything that happens to the child while he or she is in your care. Insurance also helps protect you against the trend of using children as a centerpiece in litigation. Lastly, some parents do not have individual medical insurance on their children, and if they do, their insurance may deny a claim that occurred at your place of business. Medical expenses would become your responsibility at this point.

Q: I bought an endorsement to my homeowners policy for my childcare business. What does it cover? – A.S. Concord, CT

A: I would advise that you check with your homeowners insurance agent. You would be wise to ensure that all of these things are covered: food & medicines given, field trips off premises, professional liability, responsibility for medical payments, and childcare equipment at the very least.

Q: I have a contract that parents have signed agreeing not to sue me. Isn’t that enough insurance? – P.M. Everett, WA

A: Parents can not waive their rights in a court of law. Even if your parents sign your contract, they can still sue later. The only value of your contract is to ensure that parents realize they are responsible for damage their children do to your home.