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Accident/Medical Insurance
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Trip and fall injuries are the leading cause of lawsuits in childcare. Anytime you have a trip and fall injury to a child, you have the possibility of the parent of the child contact an attorney for representation.

The argument that you were not negligent or somehow responsible does not hold water because as the parents turn over the child to your care, custody, control, you the provided are responsible for the child’s safety and every aspect of that safety until to release that child back to the custody of the parent or guardian.

The posting notice of no insurance will not waive your liability in fact; I believe it makes you a bigger target because you may not get the same quality defense that an experienced insurance company can provide.

You must realize that trip and fall is going to happen, as a part of all kids’ large motor skill development. How you handle that trip and fall, and how you educate your parents to that fact will have an impact of what happens from that time on.

We build in Accidental Medical Payments, and they can be applied both primary and excess. If you find a Childcare without Accidental Medical payments, or exclude Accidental Medical, payments run FAST.

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