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Commercial Auto Insurance for Childcare

Commercial automobile insurance should be avoided whenever possible. The risk exposure could be catastrophic. For example, any limits of liability could be exhausted by the injuries of only one child. Now multiply that times the number of children in a vehicle, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Once policy limits are paid and your insurance is exhausted, you are responsible for the balance of legal fees and judgments against you. Even if you consider yourself a safe driver, the under-insured or non-insured motorist could put you at great risk.

If you have no choice but to transport children, you must be aware of safety requirements for both national and state agencies. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is the federal agency responsible for establishing Federal Motor Vehicle Standards (FMVSS). Most important, know what your state standards are. By most federal law, it is the state that will govern your specific use. You should contact your state regulators and know the law.

Rates for commercial automobile insurance depend on about 15 factors. In round figures it’s approximately $1500-$2500 per vehicle per year. See our quote form for rates.