Policy on Parents Transporting Their Children

Written by on May 15, 2013 in Safety Tips

In operating my child care business, my first responsibility is to protect the health and safety of the children in my care. When parents drop off and pick up their children, I want to make sure children are transported safely. Use of alcohol or drugs by parents or the lack of use of appropriate car seats can create an unsafe transportation situation. If, in my opinion, the child cannot be safely transported to or from my home, I will ask the parent not to transport the child. Instead, the following alternatives will be proposed:

1.) I will call people who can pick up the child from the list below:

______________________ ________________________

Name Phone Number

______________________ ________________________

Name Phone Number

______________________ ________________________

Name Phone Number

2.) I will call a cab to pick up the child. The parent will pay the fee for the cab.

3.) The parent will be asked to drive home without the child and return with the appropriate car seat. There will/will not be a late pickup fee charged under these circumstances.

4.) Other alternative proposed by the parent: _________________________________


5.) If the parent refuses to agree to one of the alternatives listed above and insists on transporting the child, I will immediately call child protection services or the police and report the unsafe driving situation.



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