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Safety in childcare is frequently discussed, but in reality few make a commitment to safety. Every childcare professional must make a commitment to stop preventable injury.

Over 200,000 injuries happen to daycare children every year that require emergency room treatment. 60% of these occur to kids under the age of 6.

While the majority of these injuries happen on the playground, trip & fall injuries can happen inside as well. Many times these injuries are more serious. Sharp edges, burns, door jams, unsecured bookshelves, and children interacting in a more confined space can all contribute to injury.

The risk of having kids and your care has been described as, Walking a tight rope of protecting kids while channeling their endless energy within a safe environment

What is a safe environment?
Are you relying on your state license requirement?

Safety starts in your parking area, into classrooms, and outside to  play areas.

Ask yourself:

  • Are your pickup and drop procedures well written and easy to understand?
  • Is your front door secure?
  • Do you have non slip flooring?
  • Are your classrooms laid out for movement?
  • Is your furniture secure from tip over?
  • Are the door jams in high traffic areas safe from finger pinch?

Does your outdoor play area meet and or exceed National Playground Safety Council standards?

  • How does your state measure up to CPSC guidelines?
  • What is your state’s Grade?

SEE Overall the US safety grade is a C+. REALLY?

We have developed a risk management program to assist in the control of risk. See Donald W Morgan for more details. 877-799-8980.

See our list of Safety Tips for your specific topic of SAFETY.

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  •  Did you know that the top six areas of claims in childcare are:
    1. Falls from elevations and outdoor play equipment are responsible for 54% of all injuries. 40% of these falls are related to INADEQUATE SUPERVISION.
    2. Water damage. Paper towels in the sink, toys in the toilet, watercooler drips, can be problem areas. When your carpet,  rugs and porous flooring get wet, bacteria can start to grow within minutes.
    3. While there are great restoration experts, experience tells us the best efforts may not correct the problem. Treatment with chemicals can be more toxic than the bacteria you are trying to remove. Water shut-off sensors are inexpensive and easy to install.
    4. Trip and Fall.
    5. Wind.
    6. Theft.
  •  Did you know only 17 states are have standardized safety regulations for playgrounds?
  •  Did you know you are responsible for everything that happens to children in your care until they are released back to their parents? Interaction between children, and even adverse food reactions are part of that liability.
  • Did you know that any offer to pay medical expenses for an injury or accident can be used as grounds for negligence or Failure to Supervise?
  • Did you know only 12 states currently require training in early childhood education?
  • Did you know only 10 states require unannounced inspections?
  • Did you know that you can create a difference on your community by having your outdoor play area accredited by NPPS? Separate your school from Brand X by advertising your safety and commitment to kids.



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How safe is your playground?
Save on insurance premiums by following these steps:

  • Click on our safety banner
  • Buy the Safe Supervision kit.
  • Get your play equipment to measure up to ASTM F, 1487 standards.
  • Have your play area audited by a certified playground safety inspector.
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Protect yourself and your business with legal and insurance strategies designed specifically for childcare providers. See strategies for purchasing insurance, reducing risk and more.

How safe is your childcare business, protect your kids and yourself, get the truth about dog bites, homeowner endorsements, transportation and more!



How safe is your childcare business? Protect your kids and yourself. Get the truth about dog bites, homeowner endorsements, and transportation. 

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